Island Hopping In A Regional Jet | Miami To The Bahamas

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Captain Lisa and I had the chance to fly multiple turns to both Nassau and North Eleuthera Island from our hub in Miami. A few years ago, I started my pilot career by island hopping around Hawaii with Mokulele Airlines and it’s awesome that I had the chance to experience a taste of that in the Embraer 145. It’s some of the most unique flying I occasionally get to do as an airline pilot, so here’s how it works!

This flying is extremely different from my “typical” job, which is, in large part, hauling passengers over endless cornfields in the midwest. I’ll be producing a video soon about our experience flying into one of our most challenging airports at the airline, North Eleuthera Island. If there’s something you want to learn about becoming an airline pilot, shoot me a message on Instagram @swayne.martin or leave me a comment below!

(Cockpit scenes filmed under Part 91 with approval of Envoy Air, Inc. Current mask-wearing policies were followed at the time of filming. Footage not recorded in chronological order.)

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  1. “Just do it” that’s what you did congrats. Hard work pays off. Parents forced me to go to college. Thought a geology degree would suffice. Too bad it doesn’t. Jealous of you knowing what you wanted to do so young. Go you bro.

    I did however build my own PC and flight sim last year and have done a few discovery flights. Private ground school first then off to the skies ✌️😊

    Thank you for your video!

  2. Its fun to see our ERJs and crews off having fun in the islands. Looks a lot different sitting on the ramp there than at KMHK! Come back and visit us in Kansas again soon – we're getting an ORD overnight back in May on the 145!

  3. Omg man, your videos are So inspirational, I can’t wait to start my journey as a Pilot! 👨‍✈️ Keep up the Great videos man, I Know I’m not the only one that feels this way!

  4. Literalmente el 99% de la persona.ignoran este mensaje, Dios te bendiga ati y a tu familia y lo libre de todas infermedad ❤ amen🙏🙏🙏???_


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