iPhone X Screen Replacement Done Correctly

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Its time I repair this iPhone X better then the majority of 3rd party repair places.
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  1. Hey Hugh! Since you made a video previously on putting an iPhone 7 battery into a 6s, could you maybe do the same for an iPhone X battery into a Xs? I am wondering how this would work, as the X has a larger capacity but the battery fits perfectly (from what I’ve heard) in the Xs.

  2. Thanks for posting this video, very detailed! After watching this video, I certainly for sure will not try to replace the screen. Such a difficult task!

  3. This team of professionals are really talented with ios repairs,went to the thier IG page @ davinchy_hacksnetwork and in 24 my ios was fixed with little payment wow

  4. Is the True Tone that big of a deal? Just thinking I’m going to attempt a replacement screen but not looking to spend out on a programmer. Any thoughts?

  5. I have an old iPhone X that works fine besides the screen having a huge black crack. My husbands iPhone X has ear piece problems. If I simply switched the screens. Would I have to reprogram the screen for it to work properly?

  6. Stop making videos you focused so much on the true tone and other stuff, but fast-forwarded over the unmount/mount speaker which is very difficult to do.

  7. What happens if you don't reprogram it ? Only lose true tone ?
    P.s. I wonder if it's profitable to fix this by the time you buy the screen etc.

  8. This year-old video came in handy. I had every component ready to do my screen repair except the programmer. The programmer added $50 to my repair but it made the repair as professional as any repair that I've ever done. I had NO idea that this could even be done. I feel empowered. Thank you! Repair complete success!


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