iPhone X 256GB Silver Unboxing

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Apple iPhone X 256GB Silver Unboxing.
After a little over three years with my iPhone 6, it was time for an upgrade that will hopefully last me many years to come. I decided now was the time to upgrade because my iPhone 6 was starting to experience “touch disease” however, all other functions of the iPhone 6 still work without any problems.
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  1. I’m so happy I got the iPhone X and when I got this phone I was so happy to get the iPhone X before I had the iPhone se and when iPhone X coming out I wait for it go for $800 so I can get the iPhone X when it did I got the phone but I’m not upgrading when the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 or all the iPhones just going to keep my iPhone X forever even if it stop get iOS update I still going to keep it that was the best day of my life


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