International Safety Management Code (ISM)

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The purpose of this Code is to provide an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention. The Code establishes safety-management objectives and requires a safety management system (SMS) to be established by “the Company”, which is defined as the shipowner or any person, such as the manager or bareboat charterer, who has assumed responsibility for operating the ship.

The Company is then required to establish and implement a policy for achieving these objectives. This includes providing the necessary resources and shore-based support. Every company is expected “to designate a person or persons ashore having direct access to the highest level of management”.

The procedures required by the Code should be documented and compiled in a Safety Management Manual, a copy of which should be kept on board. After completion of this part you should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding about the background of the ISM Code.

International Safety Management Code – ISM

International Safety Management Requirements

ISM Audits Checklist, Reports and Reviews

ISM Plans, Procedures and Work Permits

Safety Management System – SMS

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  1. The International Safety Management is a tool to reduce the human error providing standars for the safe management and operations at sea, prevent pollution and human injuries or accidents and avoid damage to the environment to the ship.


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