How to download Windows 8.1 Free directly from Microsoft – Legal Full Version ISO – Easy to Get!

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See in my video how to download Windows 8.1 for free. This is directly from Microsoft download store, the legal full version of download Windows 8.1 operating …

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  1. Dear Nick,

    Thank you. I am not technology knowledgeable but I can learn. Your demonstration is excellent. I have a few questions.
    1. I have Windows 7, but this is now beyond having no support it is obsolete. Can I still download Windows 8.1?

    2. You chose Windows 8 PRO becuase you had Windows 8.1. What should I choose? Keep in mind we do not do anything fancy with our computer. Just web sites for cultural reasons and electronic mail on different browsers: Google Chrome, MOzilla firefox and Opera, other than SKYPE and Microsoft Word Office.

    3. I see that for Windows 8.1 or PRO one must BURN it to a Digital Video or a USB flash Drive. Why is this? I am confused; if it is downloaded doesn't it signify that I now have Windows 8.1 or PRO installed on the computer relacing Windows 7?

    4. Or to operate Windows 8.1 or PRO must I always do it by way of the Digital Video Disk or Universal Serial Bus Flash Drive? On the latter, despite my saving duplicates of a manuscript of a book I translated the flash drive still has 119 Gigabytes free. The disk is a Compact Disk-Rewrite 700 Megabytes = 80 minutes.

    5. My new HARD DRIVE isn't even two years old. My computer works beautifully except for some monitor glitch I believe except for the Windows 7.
    I hope you respond and I truly would appreciate it. God Bless Eric Galati


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