How To Clear iPhone X RAM Memory

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I show you how to clear iPhone X RAM to help with closing all apps at once, freezing, lockups and more. Gear I used to make this video: …

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  1. A lot of you asked for the video…yes, I know RAM is memory, but it is to help those searching for it.

    Products I recommend and Gear I use:
    Zollotech Product List:

  2. It does not work. I don't know if you have to have AssistiveTouch not just on, but w/control things added. If so that won't work for those who don't use it clicking the home button is used for so many other things it popped up all the time so I removed it. He should let people know that first. Secondly, he's not using an X, which is fine, but he's not giving the same instructions. He should've read up and adjusted the instructions accordingly. For instance, we (X people) hold volume up and home (right side button) simultaneously until the power off screen pops up. X models have an emergency/SOS mid-screen slider when we go to power off. I'm wonder if thats the second reason it didn't work, I doubt that's the case. Either way he should've had instructions for this as well. I tried this every way I could and even when I held the control center button much longer than needed I was left with nothing. His did it right away, I tap the button quickly, it was a same same. So I'm assuming I have to add shortcuts to have this work too? If that's the case, he should've told us. I don't think that I need to have anything in there if it's an Apple feature for a reset. But everything about this is wrong, and or not clear.

  3. Your video was SPOT ON!!!! I watched another video before this one, and could not understand the guy on how to do it. It was easy to do with your video, and it worked! Thanks

  4. What are the best APPS to clear your device of photos, old apps, and other junk that just clogs up your device?

    I’m looking for something is trustworthy and actually does what it says it will do….and not use your personal information for their own gain?

    Thank you!

  5. Hey, my iPhone XR's battery degraded significantly after just a year of usage. I never used a fast charger but still, the battery keeps on going down. Do you have any advice on how to keep my battery from degrading too fast? BTW, I love all of your videos!

  6. Does customizing screens, i.e. moving apps around, in and out of folders, etc. work as well as it did on earlier iOS versions? I find it hard to get apps to move or to get them to stick on a page and insert them into folders. It used to be seamless now it takes a lot of finesse to get them right.


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