Clover EFI Boot Loader Configuration For macOS High Sierra

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Clover EFI Boot Loader Configuration macOS High Sierra Beta for UEFI or Legacy BIOS with GPT Partition Download Link: – Clover v2.4 r4084: …

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  1. For some reason it fails on installing. any solutions? it says something like; The software isn't compatible. Continue… Yes. Failed to install

  2. Hi , I am Kalai . I am installing MAC OS High Sierra. 1st Problem ) Its installing MAC OS in Thumb drive 2) After installation I am getting same Clover Menu. How to make sure it boots automatic into fully installed os and not to clover boot menu again ? And how to install in my SSD memory ? I am using Intel NUC i7 with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. ( I am able to see SSD size in basic boot menu ) . Please help…Thanks


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