Apple iPhone XR (256GB) in-depth Review |

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The iPhone XR sports Apple’s fastest processor yet, the A12 Bionic chip and comes with a near-bezel-less design. However minor things like the lack of an HD …

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  1. I disagree with so much on this review, it’s hard to even start, my sister has a Xs Max and my brother has the Xs we put both Xs and Xs Max next to my XR and couldn’t tell the difference in most cases with the display running the video or even showing the same picture and my sister she love taking pics and she prefer taking portraits with the XR

  2. Its a budget iphone with single lens. Why u say they should have put 2nd lens. Its apple's first single camera to take portrait photos. Apple is experimenting single camera to he camera king like Google on pixel wheres some brands dont refine their cameras but add nasty lens to make it tripple lens that do not do well. If Apple gets it right am telling you it will beat Pixel with Apples single lens. Am getting that XR this month with no doubt

  3. 720p = HD 1080p = Full HD so the XR display is HD just not full HD. I have used both the XR and the X in person and I can tell the difference in resolution especially in text and some video however you also need to consider that it has the best battery life on an iPhone which is a huge selling point. Also, the camera is a lot better than the X due to the 30% larger sensor but of course it doesn't have the telephoto lens which I have barely ever used. It is a very tough call between the X and the XR but I probably would take the XR over a used X.

  4. you can buy iphone XR 128gb +airpods+wireless charger + fast charger + couple of cases or spend some more money and just get iphone xs 64gb and thats it …

  5. hi please know these points ..
    1.ive used xr over a month now i didnt notice any issue with screen coming from 7plus infact i find the colors to me more better.
    2.The camera is not a drawback it doesnt have a zoom lens thats it.
    3.stop comparing LCD and OLED both are diff technologies.
    4.LCD is affordable,cheaper to replace, less harmful and more color accurate.
    5.the diff between these iphonexr and xs is around 30k body will go spend 30k+ just for diff screen tech.

  6. I wonder if you actually used the phone for two weeks like you say.. The whole ‘review’ seems to revolve around information that can be found on GSMArena..

  7. As others have said it isn't a budget phone. If you want a more affordable iPhone get iPhone 7/+ that's a hell of phone performance wise and almost touches original release prices of higher tiered storage iPhone SE with a bigger screen and water resistance.


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